About CoroVets

CoroVets is a locally-owned and operated mixed-animal veterinary clinic that proudly serves the south-eastern Coromandel Peninsula.


Our practice is made up of a talented team of vets and support staff who are passionate about all animals, large and small.


Our philosophy centres around consistently providing a high-quality service for the animals we care for: If your animals are healthy, you are happy, and that makes our job all the more fulfilling!

Whether you're a long-time local or a holiday-maker enjoying the beach, we invite you to bring your pet in for a check-up or a weigh-in or just to say hi! 


A wide range of services and products is available from three convenient locations, and we are available to make both house and farm calls. 

Image by Manuel Meza

Our Team

James Wickham BVSc


Greg Bartlett BVSc BSc ANZCVS Cert SAS


Roanna Goodwin DVN

Veterinary Tech, Rural Animal Technician

Tracey Wallace DVN

Veterinary Nurse

Zoe Leslie

Customer Service, Accounts

Fran Bartlett

Veterinary Nurse

Brandy Maloney BVSc (Dist)


Dan Alexander BVSc


Lisa Hamilton BVetTech

Veterinary  Technologist

Christine Whitham

Veterinary Nurse

Lezaan Haupt DVN

Veterinary Nurse