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Health Checks

Annual health checks are an important preventative measure, allowing early diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions and ensuring your pet is as healthy as possible.

Veterinarian with Dog


Regular vaccination prevents a range of potentially life threatening diseases in dogs, cats and rabbits.


Some examples include parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, infectious canine cough, feline influenza and rabbit calicivirus.

Vet Examining Dog


Dental disease is the most common disease in cats and dogs and, if left untreated, can cause chronic pain, which is not often shown outwardly by our pets.


Monitoring your pet’s dental health and preventing dental disease from progressing can greatly improve their quality of life. 

At CoroVets, we have a special interest in dentistry as James is studying towards his membership exams.


We use digital dental radiography to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment of our patients' dental disease. This is because the majority of dental disease occurs beneath the gum line and is only visible on x-ray. Unlike us, pets can't tell us where the source of pain is.

Xray also allows us to ensure any teeth that are extracted, have been extracted fully, without leaving any roots behind.

Sassy malocclusion.jpg


Most surgeries on animals are performed under general anaesthetic. All CoroVets, anaesthetics are closely monitored by a qualified nurse, to minimise anaesthetic risk. ​

All anaesthetics are monitored with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to measure blood pressure, oxygenation, temperature, heart and respiratory rate constantly.


Animals undergoing surgery have intravenous fluids delivered by a pump to help maintain blood pressure and hydration, meaning they wake up smoothly and the risk of long-term damage to important organs is reduced.

Spaying and neutering (desexing) are the most commonly performed surgeries as they prevent unwanted pregnancies and lower the risk of various diseases developing in later life. 

Surgery is also performed for a variety of diseases and in many emergency situations, such as repair of traumatic wounds, exploratory abdominal surgery to remove foreign bodies and removal of cancerous masses.

We also perform orthopaedic surgery such as Ossability TTA for canine cruciate disease, patellar luxation correction, and repair of simple fractures.



A variety of diagnostic methods are available at the clinic:

  • Our in-house blood analysers allow us to perform urinalysis, complete blood counts, pre-anaesthetic, sick animal and critical care blood work, with results in minutes of collecting samples from your pet.

  • Digital radiography results in high quality x-rays the first time around, minimising radiation exposure and sedation times for our patients, as well as costs to owners. Additionally we can refer these images to radiologist and receive specialist interpretation within hours.

  • Cytology is the technique of analysing cells beneath a microscope. Due to our interest in dermatology (diseases of the skin), we frequently use this to ensure proper treatment of our itchy and allergic patients.

  • Ultrasound allows minimally invasive assessment of the abdomen, including detection of fluid, enlarged organs, tumours and obstructions. It is also used to confirm pregnancy.


Emergency Care

Emergency care is provided after-hours for both active and non-active patients.


Outside of office hours, in the event of an emergency, please phone the regular clinic number and follow the prompts to be directed to our triage service.



Sick animals are monitored closely in a climate-controlled environment by the vets and nursing staff.


Intravenous fluid therapy is administered by electronic infusion pump, allowing efficient delivery and preventing the risk of fluid overload.


Multi-parameter monitoring measures electrocardiogram, blood pressure, oxygenation status, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature.


Regular monitoring of blood enzyme and electrolyte changes is possible with an in-house analyser, meaning treatment plans can be adjusted without having to wait for results from the laboratory overnight.

Nurse Taking Notes

House Calls

The team can carry out various services in your home, allowing a convenient and comfortable option for both pet and owner.


At-home euthanasia of a beloved pet can be a stress-free and peaceful experience for both pet and owner.

Cat in Basket


As in human medicine, specialisation in veterinary fields exists.

While our vets are competent at performing a range of diagnostics and procedures, we also appreciate the importance of discussing all available options, particularly when your pet's needs would be best served by a particular specialist.


Referral of complex orthopaedic surgery, medical, emergency, ophthalmic or dental cases is possible to a number of excellent specialists within a short distance of Whangamata and we have no hesitation in referring your pet if it will mean the chance an improved outcome. 

Doctor with Files

Nutritional Advice

Proper nutrition is a commnonly overlooked area of pet health. The advances in the quality of nutrition in recent years have greatly improved the longevity of our pets.


We are able to provide advice on a suitable diet for your pet based on a range of factors. 

Specialised prescription diets are available to treat specific diseases such as arthritis or food allergy.

Dog Food

Puppy Preschool

Early socialisation of puppies does a world of difference for behaviour later on in life. Regular puppy preschools are run where your puppy has the opportunity to socialise with other puppies in a low stress environment. A range of important health and nutritional issues are discussed with the veterinary team.

Puppy on the Beach

PennHip Radiography

Congenital Hip Dysplasia is a common and debilitating genetic disease of dogs. PennHip radiographs are the best screening tool to determine whether a dog should be bred, relative to their likelihood of passing on genes for hip dysplasia. We are accredited to perform PennHip studies. 

Health Checks
Hose Calls
Puppy Preschool


If you would like to know any more info about any of the topics outlined above please drop into one of our clinics or contact us here.

PennHip Radography
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