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Joey's Dislocated Elbow

Joey, the 3 year-old heading dog (a type of working dog) presented with a lame leg after running into his owner's motorbike. When he arrived at the clinic, his front right leg was jutting out at a strange angle and was very painful when touched.


He was put under a general anaesthetic to allow diagnostic x-rays to be taken and to prevent him from feeling pain. In this x-ray, it is clear to see the bones that normally meet to form the elbow joint (humerus, ulna and radius) are no longer in their correct position.


The elbow joint was relocated, resulting in a very satisfying "thunk"!

The post-reduction x-ray shows the elbow joint looking like it should again.

Elbow Anatomy

Joey was very lucky, as it appeared that none of the important ligaments around the elbow joint had been torn

As a working dog, his return to full work was an important consideration.

With proper rest and immobilisation (splinting), the prognosis for return to full fitness was good.


In order to allow the damaged joint to heal properly, it was immobilised for just over a week with a splint,

This is Joey, already bored of his first bandage change!

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